The Problem

Today’s standard of treatment for type A dissection isn’t enough.

Aortic dissection is complex and difficult to treat.

Hemiarch replacement alone isn’t enough to stop a type A dissection

from causing significant complications for patients.

Today’s Standard of Care (STD) Aims to:

However, it fails to reliably and confidently address the distal aspects of the disease, resulting in:

The root of the problem is the Distal Anastomotic New Entry Tear (DANE)

Increased utility of high-resolution CT scans has generated new evidence that 50-72% of patients have a DANE detected by CT angiography following acute Debakey I dissection repair.

What happens during an aortic dissection?

The aorta, which is the artery that delivers oxygenated blood from the heart to the body, consists of three layers. A dissection occurs when the inner layer of the aorta tears, and blood is able to flow between the layers.

This creates a false lumen, or an alternate channel where blood is not supposed to flow. When the aorta is split into two layers, the artery is significantly weakened and can rupture if not treated immediately. Over 70% of aortic dissections happen in the ascending aorta just above the heart, classified as Stanford type A.

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Cut the complications associated with type A dissection.

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