AMDS is a Simple Elegant Solution to Address DANE

AMDS Hybrid Prosthesis

PTFE felt graft component made of a PTFE felt tube is used to buttress and strengthen the aortic tissue in preparation to perform the conventional polyester graft to aorta anastomosis.15

Uncovered nitinol wire braided stent enables the stabilization of the dissection flap within the aortic arch and descending aorta thereby stabilizing the structure of the aortic wall and promoting healing of the wall.15,16

The AMDS device comes pre-mounted on a delivery system. There is no need for X-Ray, fluoroscopy or hybrid room to use the AMDS system.15

The AMDS Hybrid Prosthesis Simply Elevates the Standard of Care for Acute TAAD

Hemiarch Repair

Aortic Hemiarch Repair

1. Replace the ascending aorta

2. Seal the distal anastomotic entry tear (DANE)16

3. Stabilize the true lumen16

Induce Remodeling6,9,12

Surgical Repair + AMDS

Distal Anastomotic New Entry and Plus Hemiarch Repair

Comparison of Standard Surgical Repair vs. Surgical Repair with AMDS

Comparison of Standard Surgical Repair vs. Surgical Repair with AMDS

Case Example

Pre-operative images of dissection and malperfusion of left common carotid and common femoral arteries


Remodeling and complete resolution of malperfusion post AMDS implantation


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